The long-awaited text from Mark Atherton.

Second Printing

Almost anything underwater – from a diamond ring to a shipwreck – can be located and imaged.  The technology exists!

Echoes and Images, The Encyclopedia of Side-Scan and Scanning Sonar Operations is the how-to guide for side-scan and scanning sonar operations. At its finish, you will know what these instruments are capable of locating and imaging – and how to get the sonar job done right!

Divided into application-specific chapters, the text details how to best approach and complete underwater search, survey and visualization programs.  It demonstrates, step-by-step, how to produce the bestpossible side-scan and scanning sonar data that conditions allow.

Oil Rig - Image Credit: Fugro Chance Inc.This book includes key topics that every sonar operator must understand to complete:

  • Subsea imaging surveys
  • Body and evidentiary search and recovery operations
  • diving support and sonar programs
  • Underwater construction
  • Underwater structure visualization
  • ROV programs
  • Profiling surveys
  • Side-scan sonar search and survey operations

The text includes 315 drawings and data samples – each focused at showing you how to interpret the image, deploy the equipment, ensure the search or survey area has been covered, and how to prosecute a target.

Acoustic mathematics is explained in easy to understand terms.  Concepts of system design are likewise presented so that you can see how they affect resolution, accuracy, and more importantly, target detection.

Hawker Hurrican Location - Image Credit: Peter Diving, Russia

Also interspersed throughout the chapters are 138 Author’s Notes and Tricks of the Trade.  These provide actual case histories, sidebar information and invaluable pointers gained only by “having been there and done that!”

Echoes and Images, The Encyclopedia of Side-scan and Scanning Sonar Operations is written by a sonar operator for a sonar operator.  Everyone using the data from these two systems – or interested in locating something underwater – needs to read this book!