What experts in the field say
about Echoes and Images

“I just got a copy of your book, Echoes and Images. So far, I’ve only read the Foreword, Preface, and part of chapter 1, but I can truly say that if I had a copy of this book early in my career, it would have made things a lot easier. At a minimum, your book should be required reading for every person on a ROV crew and their supporting engineering teams. Thanks again.”

Doug Hernandez
GWO Well Control BOP Team
ROV Specialist
Houston, TX

“Mark Atherton is the most dedicated, experienced and passionate specialist I have worked with in the sonar industry. It is seldom you see this combination of traits in one individual. His reputation as one of the leading trainers and sonar experts in the world is well-deserved. Mark’s commitment to training and educating sonar users has impacted the productivity, capability – and value – of the sonar community worldwide.”

Grant Rawlinson
Inspiring Keynote Speaker
Regional Subsea Sales Manager
Kongsberg Maritime, Singapore

“When it comes to sonar, Mark is the best! Reading his book vastly increased my knowledge of sonar operations. He has written in terms that even the basic sonar operator can understand. I recommend Mark with the HIGHEST regard.”

Frank Lasch, Jr.
EXND Diving & Marine Services, LLC

“Echoes and images is an impressive and extensive body of work that should be the textbook for any underwater acoustics or sonar class, as well as a field manual for end-users of sonar. Atherton is able to connect the science and engineering principles of underwater acoustics with practical experience in such a way that everyone – from academics to engineers to operators in the field – will benefit from this book. If I were still in the business of sending ROV and sonar operators into the field, none would go without a copy of this book. If I were a sonar manufacturer, a copy would be included in every shipment.”

Drew Michel
President, Marine Technology Society

“This book has been a great help to our team. It has allowed us to try new things that has opened our eyes to images we have never seen before. Great tool for every team, thanks Mark.”

J.D. Thomas
Captain, Charlotte Fire Department
Charlotte, N.C.

“I extend my appreciation for the Echoes and Images. Congratulations to the author and thanks once more for a very informative and readable piece of work. The book seems to be such an exhaustive presentation on the topic, that there hardly will ever be any Volume 2. However, should one become available, I’ll be sure to join the ‘readers’ club’. ”

Pekka Simula, Entrepreneur & Owner

“Every ROV spread should have at least one copy of Echoes and Images with their system, regardless of the brand of sonar they use.  Once the crew flips through it (and they will), this book will pay for itself time and time again.

I bought a copy for every member of my team on the recent Marianas Trench manned sub dives, and I am glad I did. The knowledge gained from Mark’s book was excellent and helped us achieve our goals”.

Tim Bulman
Indepth Marine Ltd.
Acoustics integrator/operator for James Cameron’s DeepSea Challenger

At 6500 metres, Grant “Axe” Rawlinson takes a break in his quest to reach the summit of Mount Everest and reads his favorite sonar book, Echoes and Images, The Encyclopedia of Side-Scan and Scanning Sonar.

Echoes and Images on the Summit of Everest

Echoes and Images on the Summit of Everest (click image to visit Grant’s blog)

Grant Rawlinson, Subsea Sales Manager, Kongsberg Maritime, Singapore (click image to visit Grant’s blog)

Echoes and Images is a great help! This is by far the most useful book on the subject of side-scan and scanning sonar that I have ever seen.”

Chris Ransome, President
Chris Ransome & Assoc. Inc.
Specializing in marine survey and hydrography

“This book is awesome. I recommended it to the body-search guys in southeast Alaska. I told them, ‘Spend your first $179 dollars on Mark’s book.’”

Dr. John Harper, President
Coastal and Ocean Resources Inc. (CORI)
Adjunct Professor, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
University of Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)

“I very much enjoyed Echoes and Images, The Encyclopedia of Side-Scan and Scanning Sonar Operations. I found it extremely thorough and very well presented. Illustrations did a great job of translating complex ideas into a more reader friendly form. It is a must for every sonar library.”

Vincent Capone, Black Laser Learning, Inc.
Marine Technology Training & Operations

“I just started to read Echoes and Images by Mark Atherton. I do not want to stop reading it and studying it. Great encyclopedia!”

Mikko Simola, Underwater Operations, CEO Loxus Technologies, Finland

“I have just completed reading the new book Echoes and Images which I found to be very thorough and accurate. It clearly took a huge effort to put such a comprehensive text together. The author is certainly  to be congratulated on such a stunning and valuable work.  Well Done!”

John Perry Fish, Sonographer
American Underwater Search & Survey, Ltd.

“This is a great book!  Finally a technical book that actually explains all the terms on a technical topic and discusses the theory and physics and how they apply to the topic.  The helpful Tricks of the Trade blocks are particularly valuable.  Great index.  Wish you had written some of my undergraduate text books.  No better dedication.   Congratulations and Good Job!”

Mark L Sayger, PE, PLS, Pennoni Associates Inc.
Engineering Services

“Great Book! I was excited to receive my copy of Echoes & Images for I have been working with sonar in one way or another for the past 10 years. Not having any formal training in acoustics, this book completes my understanding and explores the limitless possibilities of scanning sonar techniques.  Simply put, Mark Atherton’s hard work has paid off!  I highly recommend this book to anyone who uses scanning sonar, regardless of the discipline.”

Trevor T. Davis, General Manager, LL&G Construction, Inc.
(Subsea energy consulting)

“This will be the bible for all involved in underwater search & survey. It will be the guide for all entering the field, and I guarantee the very experienced search specialist will learn something new as well. This is the book I wish I had when I started in this field 40 years ago.”

Garry Kozak, GK Consulting
(Specializing in shipwreck & airplane undersea search using side scan sonar.)

“Good things are worth the wait.

This book is fantastic! For anyone that works in the ocean industry or using imaging technology, this is a book that needs to read and referenced.

This book will explain what a sonar operator is seeing and explain why they are seeing.

This book has information for even the most experienced sonar person or engineer.

Buy it and keep it close on your operations; it will be used.

Trade shows will not be the same without Mark Atherton walking around with stacks of papers saying that this is the year he will finish the book.

Well worth the wait!”

John C. De Mille, Sales and Marketing Director, Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd.

“Anyone involved in producing or interpreting acoustic imagery from side-scan or scanning sonar must have this book. Novice or casual users will find it an easy read, and experts will learn something new.”

Steve Wright, Director of Technology Development EdgeTech, Boca Raton, Florida

“This book is a must-read for every sonar operator, irrespective of their experience level!  The tips and insights are invaluable to anyone working in the field of underwater imaging.”

Darwin Monita, Director, Aquatics Environmental Services Inc. Winnipeg, Manitoba

“A truly useful SONAR book!  Mark Atherton has called upon his 35-plus years of field search and survey, and special projects experience to construct this understandable and practical encyclopedia on underwater acoustics and sonar operation.

“Acoustic theory and sonar equipment design are presented in a straight forward fashion. Even more impressive are the sections on sonar applications.  Each is a step-by-step guide focused on how to produce the best possible data set that conditions allow.  Interspersed throughout the book are “tricks of the trade;” these points alone make this a must-have reference book for all sonar operators.

Echoes and Images is the perfect book for everyone involved in any aspect of underwater search or survey; it is written by a true expert that has been – and is still – out there in the field figuring new ways of solving underwater imaging problems.”

Dan Vasey, Director of Marine Technology, Santa Barbara City College, California

“This is an absolute must-read for anyone who operates imaging sonar systems, and for those who use side-scan and scanning sonar data to make decisions about the underwater work environment.  Mark Atherton has spent his entire professional career as a commercial diver and underwater photographer, and has used sonar to show and describe to clients what lies beneath the water’s surface.   Contained within this book is a vast range of practical acoustical information and sonar applications that every sonar operator needs to know.

“Mark has trained well over a thousand students on ways to improve sonar data collection and how to interpret sonar images.  Thirty-five years of experience has gone into this book.  You will learn about the various tools and techniques needed to accomplish a variety of underwater imaging tasks.  And most important, you will learn how to produce the best sonar images possible for your specific acoustic imaging application.

“Loaded with approximately 300 graphics depicting specific configurations and examples of sonar data, this is a book you will refer to time and time again.”

Chuck Richards, President, CA Richards & Associates, Houston Texas